Watch the original MY FIVE NEW FRIENDS trailer!
MY FIVE NEW FRIENDS was originally an on-line residency project instigated by OLIVER BRAID with IT’S OUR PLAYGROUND.

Subsequently the project transformed into a physical exhibition of new works and commissions as 'My Five New Friends' at THE ROYAL STANDARD, Liverpool, 4th February - 3rd March 2012.

This website houses the SECRET DIARIES generated by Oliver Braid whilst getting to know his five new friends. These secret diary pages were originally only accessible to five invited residency artists - DAVID HOYLE & LEE BAXTER, MAAYKE SCHURER, PATRICK STAFF, TETHER and ROXY TOPIA & PADDY GOULD. The diaries were periodically updated over a five month period.

Each of these artists subsequently made newly commissioned films in response to the diaries. These films made up part of the exhibition 'My Five New Friends'. The final exhibition also included five new objects by OLIVER BRAID (one for each friend) and were housed in a bespoke exhibition design by IT'S OUR PLAYGROUND.

The complete archive is now publically accessible. Choose a friend and read on!!

For installation photographs, the special essay by Ellie Harrison and some hidden extras please click on ABOUT. xxx